Why VLSI & Embedded  Onsite Training is preferable

Offline training is required in VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration) and embedded systems for several reasons:
Overall, offline training in VLSI and embedded systems provides a flexible and efficient way to develop, optimize, and validate models before deploying them onto resource-constrained devices, enabling better performance, scalability, and reliability in real-world applications.

The Inspiration

In summary, the Inspiration behind VLSI and embedded offline training stems from the need to overcome resource constraints, optimize model performance, leverage large datasets, facilitate iterative development and debugging, ensure security and intellectual property protection, and conduct thorough validation and testing. By training models offline, engineers can address these challenges and create high-performing and efficient solutions for VLSI and embedded systems.

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The Perspective and Intention


To enable the development and deployment of highly efficient and optimized machine learning models for VLSI and embedded systems, addressing their unique resource constraints and application requirements.


In summary, the vision and mission behind launching offline training in VLSI and embedded systems aim to empower these systems with highly efficient and optimized machine learning models, enhancing performance, efficiency, real-time operation, adaptability, hardware integration, reliability, and driving innovation in these fields.

Why we're the best choice

Advantages of offline training institutes in the context of VLSI and embedded systems can include:
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It is important to research and evaluates different offline training institutes to understand their specific advantages, the expertise of their instructors, the relevance of their curriculum, the availability of practical resources, and the success of their placement assistance. These factors can help in selecting the PinE Training Academy that best aligns with individual learning goals and career aspirations.

Trusted by 1000+ Trainees

The Procedure

System 1. - If you are pursuing engineering or graduation

  1. Join us through the Foundation of VLSI & Embedded from the 2nd year & 3rd year of electronics /electrical engineering or graduation.
  2. After the Foundation Program, joined us for domain expertise in the Final year of engineering or graduation after clearing the written test and interview.
  3. Selection – Learn – Placement

System 2. - If you are Fresher, Pass out with Gap and Working Professional

  1. Complete your registration for Fresher, Pass out, and Working Professional Program for written test and Interview
  2. Choose your domain
  3. Selection – Learn – Placement

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