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Embedded HW & SW Mentor @PinE

Mentor has 18+ years of experience in embedded design and development on 8/16/32 bit platform and Architecture. 10 years on c and 2 years of development using c, win32 c. Experience includes device driver deployment on Linux, kernel level programming on Linux, a cross toolchain for the board, and also worked on wince 5.0 for the stream device driver. Worked on Zigbee stack in the wireless domain for 2.4 GHz as ism band, Worked on Contiki OS (Linux OS ) cross-toolchain and application for CC2530 SOC from TI, besides above worked various microcontroller with real-time OS like uCOS-ii, rtx tiny, wince 5.0 with platform builder, measuring instrument for weight, voltage, current and power Firearm based system. During this long duration of experience, he handles projects independently as well as in a team. His role is also in writing software as well as firmware parts.