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Full Custom Layout Mentor @PinE

Professional with approx. 18 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry. Experience in layout (SOC, analogue and I/O) in various CMOS technologies (16/14FinFet, cmos32lp-28lp, cmos45fg-40lp/fg-45SOI, cmos65-55lp/fg, cmos90-90rf, cmos180, IMG110, IMG140, IMG175, IMG220 etc)Experience in chip top integration e.g. chips (approx. 20 WB pads and 5mm square –Virtuoso out). Experience in full chip and Analog layout for USB 3.0/2.0, MIPI D-PHY IP Core, HDMI Tx, CDR Tx/Rx, LDO, PLL etc. Expertise in handling reliability checks for VLSI layouts, EM/IR drop/Antenna/DFM/ESD/LatchUp issues. Mentor and Guide Junior members of the team And also responsible for analogue layout training/reviews/automation etc. Basic knowledge of Virtuoso Skill Scripting. Tools: SOC Encounter, Voltus, Redhawk, Virtuoso (XL) layout editor (icfb/OA), Virtuoso skill, Laker, IC-Station, Calibre (DRC/DFM/LVS/MRC), Star-RCXT Operating system: Solaris, Linux, windows.